Project Consultant
Have you got an exhibition, display, research or history project which you or your organisation are developing? If you have digital elements planned as part of an event then it's a great idea to get a professional opinion as early as possible. There may be an easier way of doing things or creating things, which you didn't know about. Working together we can design a digital work-plan which will help you to structure your schedule and bring a more satisfactory result.

Digital Access Agent
Do you have archive images which need preparing for use in specific digital media formats? Resizing, re-framing, reformatting, preparing for web or for high definition media. Special effects or creative bespoke filters, touch-ups or colourisation for quality presentations. I can help you to prepare your images for film, TV or exhibition. Service is offered at an hourly rate.

Digital Media Mentor Do you want to learn how to make digital media for your heritage or community project? I can help you to design your own digital media with a bespoke learning and technical training programme.

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